Stage 1 Finalists

The Pinnacle of Achievement in the Dining Industry

International Dining Awards is the pinnacle of achievement by a luxury restaurant, offering a great recognition for gaining the honour of guests and industry players around the world, and by awarding dining service providers, as voted for by the public and hospitality industry professionals, across 100+ different categories at International Dining Awards. Winning & Being part of International Dining Awards will not only inspire the confidence of guests and retain a loyal clientele in this highly competitive market, but it will also stimulate continuous growth and development of your business. Lets join with us to make the change in the restaurant industry.

Media Highlights

International Dining Awards & its associated awards are featured in top most PR & Media channels. Following are few of them.

Few of Our Winners

Let the world know you are the LEADER in Restaurant Industry
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Few of the Global brands with our Awards Group

Let the world know you are the LEADER inRestaurant Industry
Nominations are about to close.

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Why International Dining Awards

Recognition & Rewards

We award and celebrate service excellence in Restaurant Industry which offers a great recognition

Worldwide Promotion

Benefit from the global promotions of International Dining Awards to take your brand to next level

Customer Growth

Generates exposure to an expanded travel market such as Leisure Tourism & Hospitality

Networking Opportunities

Connect with Restaurant industry leaders worldwide and forge new opportunities through networking at premier events.

Staff Recognition

Motivation, employee job satisfaction, High productivity and morale are boosted by well-deserved staff recognition.

Online Website Profile

Your stunning restaurant profile display offering direct links to all your online platforms for increased coverage and generating new business

Few of Our Jury

Executive Chef And Owner

Executive Chef And Owner

Culinary Director

Culinary Director

United Kingdom
Chef Owner
Head Chef
United Kingdom
Sole Chef (Head, Sous, Pastry - I Do It All)

Sole Chef (Head, Sous, Pastry - I Do It All)

Business Owner

Business Owner

Top Manager
South Africa
Holistic Chef

Holistic Chef

Executive Chef