Fee / Cost Involved

There is no nomination fee to participate at international dining awards,

If you become one of the winner then you can order a winner package at nominal cost. Please refer winner package as below.

Winner Package Pricing

Details Silver Gold

Most Popular

Price GBP 248
GBP 450
GBP 880 GBP 480
GBP 1,250 GBP 850
Rights to use International Dining Awards Logo / Brand Name
Winner Certificate
Winner Badge
Winner Announcement
Listing on Winners Section
Listing Priority 4th 3rd 2nd FIRST
Winner Email Badge
Posting on Social Media (Linkedin / Facebook)
Winner's Trophy
Winner Plaque
Highlighting winner speech
Highlight on Award Website Home Page
Highlight Restaurant in PR Submission
Highlight on Award Home Page - Main Section
Highlight Restaurant Photo in Winner Announcement Email sent to 50,000+ restaurant Worldwide
Featured Winner
Winner Announcement Video
Winner Medal