About The International Dining Awards

International Dining Awards is organized by Golden Tree Events

As one of the world's leading restaurant awards, the International Dining Awards recognizes companies with an exceptional staff and provides an unrivaled dining experience to their customers.

We wanted to make a difference for those dedicated eating venues that are always striving for excellence and whose personnel make efforts to create an outstanding dining experience for every client.

If you work hard and care about what you do, you deserve to be recognized! That's the goal of the International Dining Awards sponsored by Golden Tree Events, which is based in Dubai. The International Dining Awards are an immediately identifiable sign of distinction for all participating restaurants, with over 4500 nominations from over 50 countries and only 150 winners worldwide.

Additionally, we believe that our awards program will assist and recognize those institutions that stand out for their steadfast commitment to providing high-quality services. After all, the eating business is not easy to work in, but those places who go above and beyond certainly deserve credit for their outstanding job! Winning the International Dining Award for excellence may help market these fantastic restaurants to more consumers from all over the globe. This ensures that guests and clients entrust these professionals to give the best dining experience because they've been commended with an International Dining Award for excellence.

Our selection process is rigorous, with only 575 Stage and 1 finalist, which the jury team will carefully choose, one of the most experienced dining industry professionals from across the globe.

This year's International Dining Awards is more significant and better than ever before. Your restaurant might be on its way to tremendous success if you make a nomination now; you never know what kind of impact this could have on the overall success of your enterprise.

Year 2022 Nominations are about to close !!!

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