About The International Dining Awards


We are a group of HIGHLY EXPERIENCED Restaurant & Food industry enthusiasts, Hospitality Leaders and experts who’ve come together to celebrate those organizations that are excelling in the field of restaurant & food industry. Our panel of judges works independently and they choose the best restaurants / dining venues that are doing exceptionally well in the industry as winners of this prestigious dining award


The International Dining Awards are conducted without the need for Gala ceremonies where you’d be invited to attend social events with the condition of spending a large sum on a table or seat. We offer an opportunity for our winners to buy winning packages at the bare minimal expenses such as trophies, certificates, or wall plaques to commemorate their win and display for customers. Additionally, we help provide our winners with promotional opportunities through our publications and partners. These are optional and not a condition of winning.


We strongly believe that the restaurant industry is booming and while online reviews are great, Awards & Recognitions always help to create a strong brand, customer loyalty, trust in the brand. It is proven that awards and recognition increase business revenue and employee satisfaction. Additionally, as restaurant industry lovers, we wish to recognize those organizations that are shaping the industry and showcase them to our strong leadership. Our goal is to provide the very best tips on restaurants to our discerning readers too. This way, we intend to bring out the best in the restaurant industry and highlight it for the world to see.

The International Dining Awards is one of the world’s most reputed and prestigious restaurant industry awards, recognizing businesses who have a truly exceptional team and provide an incomparable dining experience.

Here at the International Dining Awards, we wanted to make a difference for those passionate dining establishments who are continually striving for excellence and whose teams work tirelessly to provide every guest with an unforgettable dining experience overall.

The International Dining Awards is hosted by Golden Tree Events Organizing and Managing, Dubai, UAE, and strives to help hard-working and passionate dining establishments enjoy the recognition they truly deserve! With over 4500 nominee restaurants from over 50 countries and just 150 winners globally, the International Dining Awards represent an instantly recognizable stamp of excellence for all dining establishments participating.

After all, the dining industry isn’t an easy field to work in – but those establishments which go above and beyond surely deserve recognition for the incredible work that they do! And, through our awards scheme, we hope that we can help those rare establishments with an unwavering dedication to quality services enjoy the praise they so surely deserve. A win can help promote these incredible restaurants’ services to an even wider range of customers from all around the world, too, ensuring that guests and clientele have confidence in the finest dining experience when they choose an establishment that has won an International Dining Award for excellence.

Our selection process is designed to be exceptionally thorough, with just 575 Stage 1 finalists carefully selected by our team of some of the most experienced dining industry judges from all around the world.

The International Dining Awards is now back for 2022 – and it’s bigger and better than ever. As such, if you think your dining establishment has what it takes to succeed, reach out today and nominate your restaurant; it might just drive the business to ever greater heights overall!